Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade fencing for security makes the most popular fencing for locations requiring security and vandal resistance. Flexible build system allows for contoured terrain to be fenced without detailed pre-planning.

'D' Section Palisade
'D' Section refers to the shape of the vertical pale profile, which is best suited to sites requiring a boundary with forbidding appearance and general damage resistance.


'W' Section Palisade
The 'W' Section profile gives extra protection over 'D' Section to the pale fixing on the attack face of the fence.



Palisade Fencing      Palisade Fencing

\Palisade Fencing      Palisade Fencing

Product Description

   Product Line :

   Hot-dipped galvanized

   Hot-dipped galvanized and PVC coated.

   "D" and "W" section, triple pointed


Palisade Fencing (1.8m, 2.0m, 2.4m height available)

Part Name


Component Quantity

Post RSJ Section

100 x 55 x 5mm

1 pc

Rail Section

50 x 50 x 5mm

2 pcs

Pale Section:



D section

65 x 2.8mm

17 pcs

W section

75 x 2.0mm

17 pcs

Fish Plate

115 x 30 x 6mm or 140 x 39 x 8mm

2 pc

Saddle head M8 Bolts

M8 x 40mm

34 sets

Cup square M12 Bolts

M12 x 30mm

4 sets

Palisade Fencing

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